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” The N° 1 rule in duck hunting is to go where the ducks are. ”

Jase Robertson.

We are focused, mainly, in a “mixed bag” hunt that consists in shooting ducks, perdiz (an indigenous species similar to partridges), doves and, pigeons in the same journey. Clients will have the opportunity to shoot as much as they want on doves and pigeons (1000 -/ + shells a day per person ), and limited perdiz and ducks per day.
The Perdiz hunt is walking along grasslands with a guide and a trained hunting dog; the terrain is easy to walk.
Even though they are not abundant, while perdiz hunting, you can find and hunt the European hare (Lepus europaeus).
The duck hunt is from water or dry blinds and also from boats. All lagoons and ponds are baited starting early before the hunting season.
We hunt the pigeons and doves near crop fields where they feed or around their nesting or roosting areas.
So, in one day, clients will start duck hunting early in the morning; then, after the duck hunt, a little rest having some tea or coffee and, after the morning dew, when the grass gets dry you’ll walk with the dogs for perdiz.
At midday you’ll stop for lunch and after lunch you’ll hunt doves and pigeons.
We are absolutely flexible with hunter’s preferences so, at this point, you can choose to hunt as you prefer. We treat our hunting clients as friends and try to make them feel at home and to enjoy their hunting holiday as much as they can.
Pigeon hunting in our flyways is perhaps one of the best in Argentina.